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signed Police Reform Task Force 2020-07-01 16:16:28 -0700

Remove anti-LGBTQ Max Miller from Police Reform Task Force

On June 24, 2020 Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the creation of a 45-person "Police Reform Task Force" that was to be slated with the mission of offering recommendations to the administration to reform how the Houston Police Department does its work. Read our full statement here. 

Transform Houston was shocked to discover that Pastor Max Miller, a well known anti-LGBTQ activist, was included on that task force. 

Pastor Miller's dangerous anti-transgender rhetoric around the Houston Equal Rights ordinance endangered the safety and lives of Houston's transgender and non-binary community and caused chaos and confusion around the purpose of our city's equal rights law. 

Since that time Pastor Miller has never publicly apologized to Houston's LGBTQ community or made public statements countering his hateful rhetoric against transgender Houstonians. 

We, the undersigned, demand that Mayor Sylvester Turner removed Pastor Max Miller from the Police Reform Task Force. 

Pastor Miller's long history attacking and vilifying transgender and non-binary Houstonians makes him unsuited for the role of recommending policy recommendations that dictate how law enforcement officials interact with civilians. At a time when transgender and non-binary people face discrimination and targeting by police officers any task force slated with developing policy should not be poisoned by the views of individuals who have practiced dangerous anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. 

Pastor Miller should be immediately removed from the Police Reform Task Force. 

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Transform Houston is a project of HOUequality, a Texas non-profit corporation. Our mission is to provide education on nondiscrimination policies and work to reduce prejudice against LGBTQ people with an emphasis on transgender prejudice reduction. We also are committed to training activists in messaging, canvassing and other strategies to pass and protect nondiscrimination laws. 

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