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commented on Tell us your story 2015-08-20 05:08:50 -0700
My best friend Jessica Rocha

identifies as a transwoman, (male to female). Although her birth name is Jimmy Rocha, she hasn’t really ever had any problems with people calling her by Jessica until she started working with a certain company that contracts with the Reliant Arena for cleaning services. The supervisor at this particular jobsite refused to call her Jessica and didn’t use the correct pronouns when addressing her, even after Jessica politely asked her to. This was very rude to Jessica and I took offense to it as her best friend. Jessics ended up getting transferred to another jobsite upon request and the supervisor still works there. I feel like this was discrimination and just plain rude and borderline hateful. Anyone who knows about transgendered people knows the importance of using correct pronouns.

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We know that discrimination is happening in Houston and without the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance there is no local resource to resolve that discrimination short of hiring a lawyer and waiting for a court to rule.

The people most likely to face discrimination are the ones who can least afford the time or money required to take that path. 

Have you suffered discrimination because of your race, age, gender, etc?

Has someone you know and care about been the victim of discrimination? Share your story!

Tell us your story