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commented on Tell us your story 2015-08-20 22:41:02 -0700
I’m a transgender man. I have been beaten last year on the street. Before I transitioned,I have had the police called on me for entering a woman’s restroom. I had a woman actually block the restroom door at Ben Taub, and it was ordeal to get around her. I was there for a severe emergency. I had an emergency room doctor at St. Joseph’s, after I started to grow a beard, refuse to come closer than 5’ away from me during a visit regarding my genital area. I pass as a man fully now, so much so that a doctor I recently saw had no idea I was a genetic female. But there is still fear. There is still fear that because my name and sex isn’t changed that I will face issues. I still face harassment because I pass so well. When I have to show my ID, I have some that aren’t so nice or accepting and those issues are real for us all. I am scared that my transgender girlfriend might one day have to deal with the police. Houston needs everyone protected and this umbrella ordinance does just that.

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We know that discrimination is happening in Houston and without the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance there is no local resource to resolve that discrimination short of hiring a lawyer and waiting for a court to rule.

The people most likely to face discrimination are the ones who can least afford the time or money required to take that path. 

Have you suffered discrimination because of your race, age, gender, etc?

Has someone you know and care about been the victim of discrimination? Share your story!

Tell us your story