Does this ordinance protect sexual predators?

Does this ordinance increase the risk of women and children being assaulted in bathrooms by protecting sexual predators? Can a sexual predator attack someone and use this ordinance as a defense?


No.  This ordinance DOES NOT protect sexual predators.  That is another false claim being used by opponents of equal rights laws to scare people.  More than 19 states and 180 cities and municipalities across the country have implemented equal rights laws that are similar to HERO.  Some of those laws have been in place for decades. There are ZERO reports of incidents of sexual assault or rape causally related or attributed to the passage of equal rights laws. 

Sexual predators are going to behave as you would expect sexual predators to behave - without regard for the law. No ordinance or enacted legislation is going to spur on someone who is already committed to breaking the law. Assault of any kind was illegal in Houston before the passage of HERO, and it remains illegal today.