HERO round-up


There is a lot of news circulating regarding HERO, the petitions and what comes next. Take a look at our round-up to stay up to date on the status of HOUequality and see what is being said on both sides of the debate. 

In case you were wondering though, HOUequality is PRO-HERO. 

PRO-HERO: Independent review finds HERO repeal petitions littered with errors

Opponents of the recently passed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) were quite pleased on July 3 as they turned in their petitions—which they claim boasted 50,000 signatures—in an effort to repeal the ordinance. Although it is ultimately the job of city secretary Anna Russell to verify that these signatures are valid, HERO supporters have organized an independent review of the petitions, which are available to the public online

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ANTI-HERO: Know your neighbor: Homosexual activists post opponents' names online

Homosexuals in Houston appear poised to confront citizens who are attempting to overturn a new city ordinance that's friendly to homosexuals and the transgendered. 

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PRO-HERO: Wendy Davis rallies volunteers defending Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance

State Sen. Wendy Davis paid a visit to volunteers working in support of Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) on Saturday.

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ANTI-HERO: Houston Anti-Gay Leader Issues Chilling Call in Effort to Repeal Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

Dave Welch, head of the far-right Houston Area Pastor Council and one of the leading voices of anti-gay hate in Texas, is calling for “imprecatory prayers” as Houston officials review petition signatures from supporters of overturning the city’s new anti-discrimination ordinance.

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