HERO Trial: the fraud is in the handwriting


Last week we pointed to a deposition leading into the HERO trial wherein a petition circulator for the opposition admitted, under oath, that he had committed perjury by claiming he had collected signatures that were actually collected by someone else. 

This week we are highlighting an analysis that has been presented by a forensic handwriting expert. This expert has 35 years of experience in analyzing handwriting, and her report has uncovered what has been long suspected - multiple cases of fraud. 

The publicly available document can be obtained from the Harris County District Clerk's website and you can access it by following this link.

Some key points from the analysis that severely weaken the validity of the opposition's petitions:

1.)  50% or more of the signatures are scrawled or unreadable which is, "highly irregular to see a high number of scrawled or unreadable signatures on a single or multiple petition pages of a multi-page petition."

2.)  Signatures where names are misspelled, which is highly suspect as a person is unlikely to misspell their own name.

3.)  Photocopied pages where the oaths on each copy are signed by different circulators. 

4.)  Evidence that large numbers of signatures were signed by multiple persons passing the petition around roundtable-style.

The case being built against opponents of HERO is slowly beginning to show what has been suspected for some time; their methods for collecting signatures were primarily built upon committing fraud to achieve their end goal. 

The trial for HERO is slated for January 20th and could potentially last several weeks. We will keep you update on developments as they become available.