Honorary Chairpeople

In order to pass pro-LGBTQ+ policies we need to make sure we are working with pro-LGBTQ+ elected officials. Having officials who have a proven track record of supporting the LGBTQ+ community is vital to building a foundation for expanding protections. With that in mind, Transform Houston has invited 6 pro-LGBTQ+ elected officials to join our organization as Honorary Chairpeople.

We are so excited to introduce you to these elected officials who have committed to ensuring that LGBTQ+ Houstonians are treated fairly.

Congresswoman Sylvia R. Garcia 
Texas 29th Congressional District

Congresswoman Garcia is a current co-sponsor of the Equality Act in the United States Congress, however, her support of the LGBTQ+ community goes back to her days as a Harris County judge.

While in the Texas Legislature Congresswoman Garcia advocated in support of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

Notably while in the Texas Senate, Congresswoman Garcia helped oppose and defeat the infamous Texas Bathroom Bill in the 2017 Texas Legislature.  

Commissioner Rodney Ellis
Harris County Precinct One

Commissioner Ellis has a long history of supporting the LGBTQ+ community. While serving in the Texas Senate he combated legislation targeting LGBTQ+ Texans. 

In addition to his long history of fighting for change in the field of criminal justice, Commissioner Ellis was the driving force in delivering countywide LGBTQ+ inclusive nondiscrimination protections for Harris County employees after his election as Commissioner in Precinct One. 

State Representative Gene Wu
Texas House District 137

Representative Wu has spent much of his time at the Texas Legislature as a vocal ally to LGBTQ+ Texans. In addition to sponsoring pro-LGBTQ+ legislation, he has cast key votes to oppose anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the Texas House. 

During the 2015 campaign to protect the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, Representative Wu was the only sitting member of the Texas House who hosted town hall meetings in his district to educate voters about the important protections the city's nondiscrimination ordinance provided to all residents. 

State Representative Jessica Gonzalez
Texas House District 104

Representative Gonzalez is a member of the Texas House LGBTQ Caucus and identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Representative Gonzalez is the only Honorary Chair-person who does not represent Houstonians, however, she has made the passage of a statewide LGBTQ+ inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance her top priority for the 2021 Texas Legislative session. Representative Gonzalez has already begun to build support for this future piece of legislation and has secured additional sponsors, both Democrats and Republicans, to support the bill. 

Council member Letitia Plummer
Houston City Council, At-Large Position 4

Council member Dr. Letitia Plummer is an at-large member of Houston's City Council. As such, she represents the entire city of Houston in her position. 

Council member Plummer received the endorsement of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus in her race and was successful in defeating an anti-LGBTQ+ opponent. The Council member also participated in the Pride Forum and pledged her support for new nondiscrimination protections for all Houstonians. 


Council member Abbie Kamin
Houston City Council, District C

Council member Abbie Kamin represents District C, the location of Houston's historic Montrose community (the Queerborhood). She was a vocal supporter of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and has pledged support for new nondiscrimination protections for the city of Houston. 

During her campaign for City Council she was one of the first candidates to accept an invitation to participate in the Pride Forum, a series of forums designed to educate the community on where candidates for public office stood on LGBTQ+ equality. In addition, she participated in Transform Houston's first Town Meeting on Nondiscrimination.