Houston Delegation to Power Summit

The Power Summit is a collaboration between the National LGBTQ Task Force, SAVE and the Leadership LAB at the LA LGBT Center. The summit is designed to bolster and add organizing skills and provide knowledge of partnerships to unify the community for LGBTQ justice.

There will also be a special training designed to teach attendees how to strategically mobilize to withstand attacks and highlight a prejudice reduction, door-to-door canvassing technique to educate on transgender issues. 

This year we are working to send a delegation of 6 Houstonians to the summit in order to learn these skills so they can bring them back to Houston to help organize and educate for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. 

Meet our delegates: 


Fran Watson

Fran is no stranger to fighting for LGBT equality. As board President of Montrose Grace Place she knows first-hand the consequences that come with discriminating against LGBT people. Fran was a vocal supporter and organizer advocating for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and has worked to establish the HERO Civil Rights Strategy Group to continue outreach and education efforts around HERO in communities of color and among faith-based organizations. 


Noel Freeman

Noel is a veteran of the United States Air Force. As a victim of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, Noel became heavily involved with organizations like Service members Legal Defense Network in lobbying efforts to repeal DADT. A former 3-time president of the South’s oldest LGBT Civil Rights organization, Noel has a long history of advocating for LGBT equality, including being instrumental in the push to bring HERO to the council table and pass it.  

summit-brandon.jpgBrandon Mack

Brandon is a sociologist and an activist in a number of community-based organizations in Houston. After testifying in support of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, Brandon and a group of other supporters formed the HERO Civil Rights Strategy Group with the goal of working to combat misinformation about the ordinance in churches and communities of color in the city. 


Lou Weaver

Lou Weaver is the principal of Lou Weaver Consulting, which has worked closely with the Harris County Sheriff’s office to educate the department on issues relating to police interactions with the LGBT community. Lou is also the Transgender Outreach Specialist with Texas Wins, an unprecedented effort to bring nondiscrimination protections to Texans statewide. 

summit-ashton.jpgAshton Woods

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana Ashton Woods is a sociology student at the University of Houston Downtown. Ashton has taken an extremely active role in organizing on issues of equality in the African American community with a focus on the intersectionality of being LGBT and African American. He is currently a Congressional intern in the office of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. 

summit-brad.jpgBrad Pritchett

Brad Pritchett is the primary organizer for HOUequality.com. In addition to working in Democratic politics, Brad helped organize and rally supporters to public sessions in support of HERO. Brad has continued organizing and providing information to the network of supporters through the management of HOUequality's website and social media presence.


If you are interested in helping offset the costs for the Houston delegation, use the donate button below.