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commented on Do many businesses and schools in Houston already have similar policies in place? 2015-10-11 13:18:05 -0700
expand government so we can all feel good
commented on Are there federal and state laws that already cover the provisions included in this ordinance? 2015-10-11 13:00:59 -0700
Filing complaints with the city will be a complicated and lengthy process in due time.
commented on Can a person who violates the ordinance be sued? 2015-10-11 12:58:10 -0700
Anyone can sue anyone in court. Is there a cause of action? maybe under federal or state law. Pleading guilty or being found guilty of violating a city ordinance can be used against you in civil court.
commented on Can I go to jail if I violate the ordinance? 2015-10-11 12:55:30 -0700
If you don’t pay the fine, then you go to jail or do community service instead of jail.
commented on What is the penalty for violating the ordinance? 2015-10-11 12:54:15 -0700
More money for city government to waste on enforcing this feel good law.
commented on Why do we need this ordinance? 2015-10-11 12:51:36 -0700
Feel good laws to make us feel good.