Our goal is to create a Houston that treats all of its residents with fairness. 

In order to do that we have 2 major programs that we are operating at Transform Houston. 

The first is our transgender prejudice reduction program. This program involves door-to-door conversations with Houstonians to familiarize them with transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and demonstrate why nondiscrimination protections are an important part of making our city truly accessible to everyone. 

The second program is our Equality Speaker's Bureau. This group of speakers are available for speaking engagements at conferences, nonprofits, colleges and any other public event. Our speakers are trained to tell their personal stories and emphasize intersectional identities. Discussions can be adapted to meet your organization's needs. 

Please note that all speaking engagements require that at least the travel expenses be covered. We are willing to work with every organization no matter what their budget.