Trans Advocates to Fight HB2

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In March of 2016, the North Carolina Legislature forced through House Bill 2 (HB2), a bill that prohibits transgender people in North Carolina from being able to use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity, strips local governments of the power to pass laws protecting residents from discrimination, makes it more difficult to sue as a result of discrimination and undoes all nondiscrimination ordinances that were lawfully passed by local municipalities.  All in all, HB2 is a horrible bill. 

How does this affect Texas you might wonder? HB2 has become the model legislation for anti-LGBTQ activists and there are already members of the Texas Legislature who are planning to introduce bills just like HB2. If Governor Pat McCrory loses his seat, it will be clear that it is because of HB2 and could, potentially, sway other states from following that same path. 

Since the focus of HB2 has been on the transgender community, transgender people from across the U.S. are planning to travel to North Carolina to help get out the vote, including 4 advocates from here in Houston. 

Your contribution will help send these 4 advocates to North Carolina to make a difference in this election.