Trial Update - April 17th

While we await a possible decision in the HERO petition trial today, the opponent's attorneys have filed a request to the court asking that the City include disqualified signatures in their final tally. 

You can view their document at this link.

This is clearly a stalling tactic on the part of the opposition attorneys as they anticipate a decision that will not be in their favor. 

But let's break down their argument and that document they filed. In their objection they cite the example of a petition signer by the name of Cindy Hull. They claim she lived in the city of Houston at the time of signing the petition (July 1, 2014) but has since moved outside of the City of Houston.

They are claiming the city did not count her signature because they waited too long to confirm her voter registration address, thereby disqualifying her. 

So, here's the thing. It is completely untrue. 

Let's have a look at Cindy's voter registration online. 


See that red circled part, the part indicating that her voter registration is valid from 1/1/2014? That means that the Tax Assessor/Voter Registrar's office last updated her information on that date. She has been at the Spring address (non City of Houston address) since at least that date, making her signature invalid. 

But let's take a look at the petition and the address she used there. 


It looks like the street number and name are "15111 Dogwood Trail, 77060". 

That address does not actually exist. 

There is a "Dogwood Blossom Trail" within Harris County (non City of Houston) and a "Dogwood Tree". But looking at the petition Ms. Hull very clearly wrote the word "trail". 

Maybe she did not know her own street name...which is possible, but unlikely. On top of that, her voter registration did not match the address she wrote down at the time of signing the petition. 

So, the opponents' argument is centered around using Ms. Hull as their example, and it took 3 simple checks of public information (and one phone call to the Tax Assessor/Voter Registrar's office) to completely disprove their argument. 

This is the best they can do and it is getting extremely desperate. 

The time for trials and juries and petitions has passed - it is time to implement the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.