Who will this ordinance affect?


People of many different identities will have protection under the law now that this ordinance has passed. It protects all Houstonians.

The City contracting section applies to those companies engaged in contracts with the City and the fair housing section applies to those offering housing for sale or rent and those involved in various aspects of the associated transactions.

According to the most widely-accessible public data sources, the public accommodations section applies to more than 15,000 businesses in the retail, restaurant, hotel and motel, and banking sectors with a physical location in the city limits. This section applies to several other categories of businesses where figures are not available, so the actual figure is greater.

The employment section of the ordinance would apply to a headcount of more than one million positions in the Houston workforce. As a point of clarification, some have claimed that the employment section would apply to very small portion of businesses operating in the City and attribute that number to Greater Houston Partnership data. This statement erroneously utilizes counts of “establishments” in the city, which is not the same as the number of “businesses.” A business consists of one or more establishments, i.e. bank branches, restaurant chains, etc. An “establishment” may have fewer than 50 employees but collectively, the “business” may have more.