Why the petitions must be verified.

The petitions submitted by opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance have now been obtained by supporters through a Texas Public Information Act request. 

From now, until August 13th, grassroot volunteers will be analyzing the petitions as submitted, working to verify if they are valid and meet the threshold to place a referendum to repeal HERO on the ballot in November. 

The Houston Chronicle put out this op-ed piece, underscoring several examples of why it's vitally important for each signature on the petition to be verified. They also highlighted efforts by HERO supporters to reveal fraud and wrong-doing on the part of petition circulators, details of which you can find at TransAdvocate.

Petitions are now online for public inspection at the website www.HeroPetition.com.

If you find your name on the petition and believe that fraud has been committed, a link is provided to an affidavit, along with instructions on how to go about working to remove your name. 

Continue checking the Events section of HOUequality for more petition verification meetings.